Host your website with the best hosting company – Bluehost

September 29th, 2014

The need for an efficient, reliable and professional web hosting services is essential to make your online presence more effective. One of the most outstanding webhosting company that has made a name for itself in terms of webhosting industry is the Bluehost Web Hosting Company.

Bluehost features that make it a top web hosting company include the fact that it enrolls about 20,000 new clients monthly and hosts millions of web domains. Their customer services to their clients is very satisfactory, they have unlimited domain hosting capability, unlimited GB transfer of files, unlimited GB of hosting space, they also provide unlimited email accounts to their clients, free site builder having templates, free registration of domain and many more.

All these features are offered at a low cost regular Bluehost Pricing of $6.95 monthly or at a special Bluehost Discount price of $3.95 monthly promotion. We are providing a link to a fantastic Blue host Coupon site, where you can get $3.95 pricing. View this website now. Bluehost Hosting is suitable for small businesses that can’t afford the high cost incurred in web hosting and want a web hosting service that is affordable to them and delivers satisfactory results. Blue Host best serves such clients by giving them various review plans which gives the clients open source software like Drupal and Joomla which are invaluable software platforms available as part for installation on your account. They also provide unlimited email address set up with your preferred domain names (name of your business) to small companies which make their contact details look more professional.

More Blue Host Features


Reliability – Bluehost can provide its users with up to 99.9 percent uptime on their servers. When it comes to system support and backup plans, they have proven to be quite reliable compared to most other webhosting companies. Thus you can rest assured that if you decide on Bluehost web hosting you will have a secure and very reliable backup system for all of your data.

Control Panel – Bluehost cPanel is the most popular in the web hosting industry. With their cPanel the client can navigate and configure easily their account without much frustration or disappointment. The Bluehost control panel uses the Fantastico in their cPanel which enables the users to install many different software packages that suit their needs. For the advanced users, they could access various scripting languages which include Python, PHP5, and Ruby among others. The ease of use of the Bluehost cPanel contributed immensely in making it the most popular web hosting company in UK and in the industry. Read this review for more details on their cPanel.

Measures in place to handle contingencies – Blue Host gives around the clock network monitoring, they have good UPS power backup installed to deter interruptions that may be caused by power blackouts. In addition to this they have diesel generators as well on standby. All this contingency measures go a long way in ensuring that the 99.9 percent server uptime is achievable.

Money back guarantee – In the event a client is not satisfied by the service offered by, which is rarely the case if any. Then the company has the money back guarantee to all their clients. This makes dealing with Bluehost Web Hosting service a risk-free engagement.

It comes highly recommended – In the industry of web hosting most stakeholders would definitely recommend this company, either because of past experience or having received a positive review of the company from another party they know. One could also argue it is the envy of its competitors in the web hosting industry.

To name a few competitor brands of Blue host, we would say the most important ones are Hostmonster and Hostgator. Incidently, all three of these are from the same management i.e. Endurance International Group. For more info on Hostmonster web hosting, follow this review. View this web page for review of Hostgator hosting. This link will take you to latest Gator coupon codes available in the market. More update on host monster coupons and discounts, can be found here.